A major card manufacturer orders an FPC biometric module

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Fingerprint cards received an initial order for the latest version of its T-Shape fingerprint sensor module, signaling growing interest in biometric technology in the financial services industry.

When announcing the order, the Swedish biometrics specialist did not disclose the name of the customer in question, but described it as one of the three largest card manufacturers in the world. The customer in question will integrate the sensor module into payment cards with fingerprint reading.

Fingerprint Cards had previously announced earlier this year that one of the world’s three largest card manufacturers had placed a bulk order for its T-Shape module. Since then, Fingerprints has achieved compliance with Mastercard T-Shape Reference Specifications; and, most recently, the company succeeded in enabling biometric authentication to be completed entirely within the secure element of the solutionthanks to a collaboration with Infineon.

Commenting in a statement, Vice President of Payments and Fingerprint Card Access, Michel Roig, said he was “very pleased” with the client’s latest plans to integrate the T-shape, before giving details on the overall importance of the CVT solution.

“The T-Shape 2 will be an important part of the next stage in the evolution of biometric payment cards, being smaller, faster and more cost-effective than its predecessor while enhancing our already market-leading convenience and security. “, did he declare. “It is even easier to integrate it into the standard automated card manufacturing process, using the proven and accepted T-shaped packaging delivered in two rows. The result is higher throughput, reduced waste, and lower integration costs. »

While FPC is a very important provider in the field of mobile biometrics and has also been gaining ground in access control, the company has targeted the nascent biometric payment card space as a potentially interesting area. Fingerprints recently published a survey indicating that a majority of 59% of consumers in France were willing to use a biometric payment card – a higher proportion than the 51% who said so in a 2020 survey – and that 70% of consumers who know the biometric payment cards had expressed interest in owning one.

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Mika R. Pyle