Global Greeting Card Market Over $20 Billion 2020-2021 and

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COVID-19, the Grinch that stole holiday cheer from the greeting card market. Demand drops -3.6%

The global greeting card market is expected to collapse by -3.6% in 2020 and continue to decline, reaching a size of US$20.4 billion by 2027, trailing a post COVID CAGR -19 from -1.7% over the analysis period from 2020 to 2027.

The year 2020 should go down in history as the year of turmoil, tragedy and human suffering. The old-fashioned way of sending timely sentiments through physical greeting cards is over. With new studies showing that COVID-19 makes the coronavirus extremely robust than previous guesses, the threat posed by surface transmission in real life is growing.

New lab studies from Australia showed the virus was able to survive on smooth surfaces like banknotes, glass and plastic for up to 28 days under lab conditions. Fears of being infected by handling the couriers therefore remain strong, discouraging people from sending and receiving non-essential couriers, parcels and parcels.

Additionally, in a year mired in disruption, sadness, anxiety and stress, greeting card companies are struggling to find the right messages for their 2020 greeting cards that convey the same sentiments as what people want to share with their friends and family.

Despite the tough economic climate, various companies have come up with coronavirus greeting cards to help people share their feelings with loved ones. Companies such as Etsy, Amazon, Hallmark and Paper & Honey offer a wide range of COVID-19 related greeting cards mentioning coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing and masks.

These cards are experiencing immense gains and popularity among consumers. These timely cards are meant to reflect the current situation and are very authentic and meaningful. Additionally, coronavirus greeting cards demonstrate the special efforts one person is making for someone at the very moment. The coronavirus greeting cards aim to give people the much-needed break from video conferences and computer or mobile screens to share laughter and joy with others during the pressing situation.

The post-COVID-19 period will see an upsurge in demand for electronic greeting cards. Before the era of digital communications, the greeting card market was a high growth market, as it was the most efficient way for consumers to convey their feelings and wishes to their loved ones. The instantaneous nature of digital communications, however, has changed the scenario, with consumers now having a plethora of options to convey their messages and sentiments, largely displacing the traditional, age-old mechanism for expressing sentiments of physical greeting cards. /real.

In particular, social media has provided people with several new ways to affirm their emotions and has attracted a large percentage of loyal consumers of physical greeting cards. Volume sales of greeting cards have been particularly affected by this trend. Manufacturers and sellers of physical greeting cards are facing immense pressure to move quickly to offer innovative products in order to stay relevant. In recent times, the trend of sending digital greetings online has grown rapidly thanks to the rise of social media and other digital means of communication.

People, even in the most remote parts of the world, are able to access and send digital greeting cards to their loved ones anytime and from anywhere in the world. Not only greeting cards, but browsing, bargaining and buying gifts have also become extremely convenient with online shopping, a growing trend that is directly affecting brick-and-mortar retail sales worldwide.

The growing penetration of smartphones is also having a huge impact on consumer markets, the impact of which is evident on the greeting card and gift industry. In the years to come, the global online revolution will cause a significant transformation in the way people think and feel about greeting cards. It is expected that social media will take a big place in the greetings market in the future which will have serious implications for the manufacturers as well as the marketers operating in the industry.

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  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impending global recession
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Influence 2020 Holiday Greeting Card Designs
  • Lockdowns and restrictions revive consumer interest in greeting cards
  • Coronavirus greeting cards: allowing people to share chuckles in the midst of a crisis
  • Greeting cards: an introduction
  • History of greeting cards: an insight into its intriguing origin
  • Seasonal and daily cards
  • Types of Greeting Cards
  • Greeting Cards: Celebrating Life’s Moments and Milestones Despite Hard Times and Inevitable Market Decline
  • Global Market Outlook and Prospects
  • Developing economies present opportunities for growth
  • Competetion
  • Companies are adopting proactive strategies to drive demand
  • Low entry barriers make the industry attractive to newcomers
  • Summary of key factors determining market success
  • Market players are adopting the electronic card business model
  • Booming consolidation in the greeting card market
  • Global brands
  • Recent market activity


  • American greetings
  • Carlton Cards
  • John Sand
  • UK Greetings Ltd.
  • Archies
  • Avanti Press
  • Economy Greeting Cards
  • card factory
  • Children’s rights and you
  • Crane & Co.
  • Current media group
  • Galison Editions
  • brand cards
  • IG Design Group
  • LovePop
  • Party City Holdco
  • Simon Elvin Ltd.


  • The growing popularity of digital cards continues to negatively impact sales of traditional greeting cards
  • Rising Internet Penetration and Growing Use of Smartphones is Transforming the Digital Greeting Card Market
  • Demographic trends play an important role in market adoption
  • Women: a major consumer segment for greeting cards
  • Millennials: the most lucrative consumer group and the new marketing target
  • Globalization trend generates market growth opportunities
  • The advent of advanced digital technologies is fueling the growth of the greeting card market
  • Growing popularity of online platforms supports demand for greeting cards
  • Notable Trends in Technology and Design: Renewing Consumer Interest
  • sound cards
  • ‘Blank’ is the new design trend
  • handmade cards
  • Hilarious Greeting Cards
  • Interactive greeting cards
  • Use of innovative illustrations and color combinations
  • A look at other major design trends for greeting cards
  • Mobile Phone Apps to Create Physical Greeting Cards: A Growing Trend
  • Greeting cards go green
  • Personalized and Personalized Greeting Cards Show Growth Potential
  • Luxury cards find consumer favor
  • Growing demand for cards for the blind
  • New opportunities and new themes: a growing niche
  • Sympathy Cards Help Get Through Difficult Times
  • Corporate greeting cards: an ideal marketing and advertising tool
  • Workplace greetings reach mundane stature
  • Cards by Occasions, Celebrations and Holidays: A Review
  • Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Father’s Day and Mother’s Day: a tribute to parenthood
  • Halloween Day: A Spooky Tribute to Immortality
  • Christmas/New Year: there is money in the festivities
  • Chinese New Year
  • Easter, Three Kings Day and Thanksgiving Day: dealing with money from religious events
  • Weddings and anniversaries: celebrating milestones
  • Birthdays: The World’s Most Popular Reason to Celebrate
  • Retail landscape for greeting cards
  • Online emerges as a lucrative retail segment for greeting cards
  • Rising raw material costs add to manufacturers’ woes



  • Greeting card: an accessible form of communication that is slowly and steadily disappearing
  • Greeting cards remain popular in the digital age
  • Cost-effective e-cards hamper greeting card growth prospects
  • Companies focus on new collections and designs to increase card sales
  • Personalization and digitization influence market dynamics
  • Cards with humorous messages are gaining popularity
  • Greeting cards follow the ecological trend
  • Pet Cards Find Favors
  • Religious cards: a niche market
  • Inspirational Cards: Communicating Diverse Messages
  • Competetion
  • Consolidation to address underperforming locations and reduce operating costs
  • Soaring commodity costs and rising postage rates add to market woes
  • UK
  • United Kingdom: a major market for greeting cards in Europe
  • Higher postage costs and increasing proliferation of electronic cards: key reasons for market decline
  • UK card retailers explore new marketing avenues
  • India: a major market for greeting cards


  • Total number of companies profiled: 66

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