The Disturbing Designs of Donald Trump’s ‘Trump Card’

Thus, those who receive e-mails from Donald Trump’s PAC to save America (why would you do that to yourself?) I have a little to treat this morning when the American traitor and I guess former president asked his fans to help him choose the design of the new “trump cards” that the true “patriots” would carry. Yes, you read that right. Special Trump themed ID for “patriots”. As if red hats and endless merchandising with “TRUMP” on them weren’t enough.

These cards are red and gold and say things like “official Trump (sic) card” and have things on them like an eagle with its wings outstretched, and while an eagle might ring like your typical American symbol, this one looks like a bit familiar from… elsewhere.

Like, why? Who needs this card in their wallet? What are you going to do? Pull it out and wave it around to explain why you’re the absolute worst kind of human being? Your hat, your flag, your stickers and all your behavior already do it for you. The card does nothing.

Trump apparently wants his fans to wear these cardsand the email with the four options will supposedly help him choose which of the templates to make “official”.

Absolutely terrifying that these are just things that can happen and exist in this world and no one can verify that, because I have the real fear of history really repeating itself.

Although, while Trump would certainly be more than happy to install himself as a fascist dictator and it’s incredibly dangerous, even if he never succeeds, he still fulfills his much more mundane purpose of scamming people into funding his wealthy lifestyle through initiatives like this. It’s unclear how one obtains one of these cards – we should assume through donations, as the email claimed they are “for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters only” – but People reports that clicking on the link to help choose a design will redirect you to a donation page for the PAC.

I thought I would be free from this nonsense, free to wake up to trending Trumpian horrors every morning, and yet, here we are. Donald Trump proudly incites violence, opens his arms to hate and bigotry, and loves having divided this country so completely that it seems there is no way to reconcile. And these Trump Cards are definitely going to do more harm than good, and I have no idea how awful it’s going to be, and that’s what scares me the most.

(Image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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Mika R. Pyle