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If our ten favorite business cards of 2022 still inspire you, here are some more ideas to help you find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Experimental materials

Create a green world

If cardboard, planter paper, or plastic weren’t enough, consider using other non-traditional materials for your business cards. Many business card design companies offer lightweight metal or wooden options. Both are sure to last longer and feel better in the hands of a potential customer.

Business cards can also be made from recycled fabric, broken pottery, or even cookies. Who doesn’t want a free cookie once in a while? Just make sure your potential customer has another way to remember your information once digested.

Smart Business Cards

best business cards

QR code generator

In a digital world of websites, messaging and contact apps, paper business cards can seem outdated. However, you can use paper to bring your potential customers directly to your online platform. Thanks to the pandemic, QR codes have become ubiquitous; a barcode that any smartphone can scan will bring customers directly to your website.

NFC, or near field communication, is another possible addition to smart business cards, providing the same functionality as a QR code without the square. Most smartphones released after 2017 have built-in NFC scanners that can detect NFC tags. These NFC tags can easily be integrated into standard business cards. Once picked up by a potential customer’s phone, an NFC tag can bring future customers or customers directly to your website.

Functional or not: cards

best business cards


The line between functional business cards and hilarious gimmicks can be hard to find, but even the silliest business cards can still get the job done. Functional business cards can have great longevity if your customers can actually use them. Even business cards that aren’t actually cards — say, combs, toothbrushes, or pens with contact information printed on them — are more likely to be kept for much longer. A less functional gadget can be fun for a while, but can be quickly forgotten.

Consider printing your business card with a scale ruler so that when your customer needs to measure something, they have to look directly at your name and phone number. Even better: print your business card information on a handy bike multi-tool, ensuring your potential customer will silently thank you from the side of the road.

Mika R. Pyle