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The company I work for makes custom business cards on demand. We have made several custom designs for people who want their own unique cards that they can use for networking and promotion. If you would like your own set please contact me at

We have now launched our NEW “custom” cards! These cards use some of the latest technology to create a unique card for each customer, using their own details. We know how much you love these cards and we want to give them back to you even more.

You will find them inside your package, along with your order confirmation email. You won’t receive anything else until you complete the checkout process, so make sure they’re safe to open until then.

I added some images to give you an idea of ​​what I mean 🙂

The first thing I would do would be to remove any unnecessary material from the room. Remove window sills/cabinets/etc. If you have carpet, vacuum it thoroughly. Anything unnecessary should be removed. You want a clean slate. (If you don’t have rugs, get rid of rugs.)

Then I would look at the lighting. In the image above you can see how the ceiling is covered in lights. While it may seem convenient to have several hundred hundred watts of light in every corner of the room, it’s not necessarily good for your plants. The ideal number of fixtures is around 25 to 50. This way you can control where the light goes without wasting money on fixtures you will never use. (For example, if half the fixture doesn’t work, it’s better to save $100 than to buy a new fixture of which you’ll only use 10%. Also, you may need to replace the bulbs sooner than if you had fewer fixtures.)

After reading all about growing cannabis, I learned that the best type of light for plants is fluorescence. Fluorescent lights are considered cool white and produce lots of blue-spectrum light that helps stimulate plants. You can safely use these lights indoors, and they are inexpensive. However, most places don’t allow them, so you’ll need to find a place with an allowance for them. A greenhouse is probably the safest bet.

In addition to light, consider ventilation. Plants need air circulation or they can overheat and die. Fans help provide that.

Another thing that really helped me was the air filter. When I started, I opened the window of the room I was growing in, then closed it when the plants were finished. Then I realized that the room smelled very bad. Even though we hadn’t smoked, the smell was even worse than any amount of pot smoke could ever be! You should try to keep a fan running in the room as you grow. It keeps the room at a comfortable temperature, that is, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Also, it pulls odors outside. There are filters you can put in the air ducts to make sure no bad smell comes back inside.

It’s a good idea to start with seeds rather than clones. They take longer to germinate, but in the long run they cost less. You can even buy starter kits online that will have pre-started plants ready for you. You can also purchase a clone kit and create your own plant instead. Clones (which are genetically identical) are great, but they take time to mature. The seeds grow

Mika R. Pyle