Cascading greeting cards create a unique way to connect

With more online communication, you might think handwritten notes are a thing of the past. However, according to statistics from the US Census Bureau, greeting card revenue reached around $3.5 million in 2020.

With these statistics in mind and a need for unique gifts for family members, Jana Kemp came up with a greeting card concept called NestingCards. (She also served in the Legislative Assembly and ran as an independent candidate for governor of Idaho.)

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“I started NestingCards because of the division of families over the past four years and the increasing isolation people felt before COVID led to even greater human isolation in every age group,” said said Kemp.

NestingCards are unique because the seven cards fit together like a Russian nesting doll.

“The seven cards make it possible to share multiple messages in one deck, provide a clue scavenger hunt, one clue per envelope/card, or share a long and memorable story,” Kemp said.

Kemp worked with seven different artists and photographers to create images for 22 sets of NestingCards. There are four Idaho sets, two animal sets, and several mountain-themed sets.

“They’re about expressing care, sharing celebrations and sending ‘I’m thinking of you’ messages that create a deep sense of belonging, feeling safe and loved,” she said.

NestingCards can be purchased online or in Boise at the Capitol Contemporary Gallery and Rediscovered Books. A set of seven greeting cards costs around $29.

Mika R. Pyle