Conversations from the Heart: Express Your Love with Greeting Cards Created for Real Relationships

A collection of cards for birthdays, anniversaries and those who speak from the heart.

It’s easy to compare her relationship to what is considered the “perfect relationship” by movies, books, social media, and even greeting cards. But more often than not, that’s a far cry from the reality that many couples face today. And that’s actually what inspired card company Design with Heart and relationship expert Sharon Pope to work on a collaborative collection of greeting cards called Conversations from the Heart.

Having struggled in her own marriage, Sharon first came up with the idea for Conversations from the Heart during that particular day before their anniversary. She found herself standing in the aisle of cards – reading card after card that looked like the wedding she wanted to have – crying. “Every card I read that day felt like a perfect relationship and ours was far from perfect,” she recalls. Until she realizes that most marriages are far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a card for a birthday, anniversary, or even a way to say “I I’m sorry” and “I’m trying”. ”

“Through my relationship coaching practice, clients have told me how difficult it is to find a card for their spouse that doesn’t sound like a lie, given the relationship challenges they face,” Sharon explains. “Six months ago, a client of mine told me that he broke down in the Hallmark store looking for a birthday card for his spouse. And I thought to myself, ‘How many times do I need to hear this from my clients before I finally create what is missing and needed by so many?”

More than just a greeting card, the Conversations from the Heart range of cards speaks only truth in difficult relationships. Without giving up on feelings and without being dishonest, women everywhere will know how to find the right words for the right moment – ​​it honors them and their partner.

In this collection there are ten cards for real relationships – cards for anniversaries, anniversaries and those that speak from the heart to open up the conversation between couples when they are in trouble. Conversations from the Heart is available for sale for wholesalers who need multiple designs of each design, as well as individuals who only need one or two types of cards to express themselves when they cannot find the right words.

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Conversations from the Heart is a collaborative collection of greeting cards created by card company Design with Heart and written by relationship expert Sharon Pope.

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