‘Dark and Twisty’ Greeting Cards Earn Company $10,000

A “creative outburst” for a Campbell River small business turned into a win in a local angel investor competition.

Graphic design company Sister Sister, owned by sisters Emily Sayward and Liv Kosub, was one of nine companies to win last week’s Nexstream Tech competition.

Sayward says their line of unique greeting cards called “Dark and Twisty” deals with tough topics like depression.

“We created these cards in response to what we found of this toxic positivity of ‘everything will be fine’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’ and we just didn’t want to hear that stuff,” Sayward said in an interview with Vista Radio.

Sister Sister started out as a graphic design company, but Sayward says they wanted to branch out and create something that “spoke about what we thought” based on their vision and ideas rather than the vision of a customer.

“There’s nothing a card can say that will make it better. But sometimes people just want to hear this acknowledgment that you’re going through a really tough time and so that’s what we tried to do… be brutally honest in our cards and people reacted to it really well,” he said. she stated.

The “Dark and Twisty” is an eight-card set and Sayward says the $10,000 they won will go “a long way” to expanding their product line and paying for themselves. They also have another line called “Everyday” of 13 cards that deal with birthdays and other events in a “cheeky” way.

Sayward says the contest was a “great experience” and helped with networking and “opened up some things” for their business and helped get an “outside perspective.”

She says the competition was so stiff and they were “absolutely shocked” when five community stream winners were announced, when there would normally only be one, given the caliber of entries.

And what’s it like working with your brother in a small business? Sayward says it could go either way but…

“It’s absolute perfection. My sister is my best friend and we always say we are the same person. We’re obviously different, we have our different interests and strengths, but we communicate and work together seamlessly and there’s literally no one else in the world I’d rather work with.

Sister Sister cards are currently available at eight locations, including French Creek Collective and West Coast Wildflowers in Campbell River.

The other NexStream 3.0 Community Stream winners were:

  • Fergus Bagley, ByteDeck
  • Lovena Harvey, Gathering Place Trade
  • Rob MacNeill, U4EO
  • Sharon Karsten, walk with me

The winners of the Campbell River Area Angel Group (CRAAG) general public competition were:

  • Fabian de la Fuente, Solar – sustainable resource management
  • Stephanie Willerth, Axolotl Biosciences – health and emergency preparedness
  • Stephen Parslow, salonMonster – joker
  • Tamir Barzilai, Honeycomb AI – food safety

Mika R. Pyle