Get the party started with these boozy pinatas and greeting cards

How exactly do you say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”? Sure, a simple card will often do the trick, but sometimes the occasion calls for something a little more festive and lively.

That’s why these drinking greeting cards and piñatas from Nipyata are intriguing concepts. Basically, you’re sending a loved one gift-sized booze they can toast with (or drink!), whether it’s for a holiday gift or just to say you’re thinking of him.

When you send a greeting card, your recipient will receive an adorable 50ml bottle of their favorite liquor. (You can choose from top brands like Gray Goose, Fireball, Casamigos, or more!) If you decide to go for something a little more over the top, you can get a piñata, which is filled with 12-15 small liquor bottles and comes in all sorts of fun shapes. It’s party !

And now, with Father’s Day fast approaching, we have news that’s well worth a celebratory photo: a $100 credit for Nipyata! is only $70 for a short time only. Since each card costs less than $100, you get five cards or an entire pinata. This is the kind of gift Dad will love having delivered to his door.

“It’s a guaranteed party hit,” Bustle said, while Food & Wine noted that it “almost certainly provides minutes and minutes of enjoyment.”

Just a few things to keep in mind as this is a gift involving alcohol: Nipyata! does not ship internationally, to freight forwarders or PO boxes, or to Utah, Hawaii or Arkansas. Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 50% or more are not available for purchase and shipment. And of course, people have to be 21 or older to buy it.

I understood? Well, let the party begin as soon as possible with Nipyata! Greeting cards and drinking pinatas at a fantastic price, only $70 until June 19!

Prices subject to change.

Mika R. Pyle