Greeting Cards Meet Pops in Funko’s Adorable New Collection

Funko continues to find new ways to take your favorite pop culture characters and make them small and adorable. And now, this evolution continues, right down to the greeting card department. Say hello to Funko’s newest line, the Popsies. This combination of classic Pops and greeting cards will bring an interactive experience, combined with a pop culture favorite. Each features a character standing atop a gift box, and when the owner presses that box’s bow, a themed message will appear.

Starting next year, Funko will start offering Popsies for all the usual occasions for which greeting cards are sent. Starting with poppies on Valentine’s Day, followed by all the usual holidays. The Popsies become available exclusively at Walmart stores for $6.98 each. You can check out the first images below.


“Funko products have always been a natural gift for the people we love and Popsies is another great way to celebrate those fandoms,” said Andrew Perlmutter, President and CEO of Funko. “We appreciate being able to deliver an experience that not only celebrates our fans’ passion for these beloved characters, but also expresses their love and appreciation for their friends and family through the product’s unique messages.”

Ghostbusters, Aliens and It are getting their own cute Funko Popsies in 2022.

So far, characters expected to appear in this series include those from Marvel, like Spidey, Iron Man, and even Thanos. DC Comics Popsies arrives with Batman, Joker, Harley and Wonder Woman. Disney animation is also represented, with characters from Frozen at Pixar toy story.

Joker, Harley, Batman and Wonder Woman are the first DC Popsies.

Horror movie icons like Pennywise and the Xenomorph of the Extraterrestrial franchise are also among the early releases. We even have a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from ghost hunters. There will also be corporate mascots like Bob’s Big Boy and Tony the Tiger, and real-world icons like Bob Ross. And we’re sure these only scratch the surface of what the future holds for the Popsies range.

Mika R. Pyle