How to Make Easy Greeting Cards for Your Special Mother Figure

New Delhi: A handmade greeting card for your mother, grandmother, aunt, or anyone you hold as a mother figure speaks volumes as opposed to one brought from a store. Since it’s Mother’s Day today, you probably bought and wrapped the gift with great care. However, adding a handmade card with a special message would only top off the gift.

The card can even be an addition to your breakfast in bed or a surprise next to the bedside table or desk. But first, here are some quick and easy cards that even the “unsophisticated” people can pull off.

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  1. Heart sewn on the front
    Take a slightly thick paper and write your heartfelt message inside
    Complete all of the designs inside the greeting card.
    Lightly draw a simple heart on the front with a pencil.
    Poke holes along the heart with your needle. Erase pencil marks.
    Now take some embroidery floss (cross stitch floss), which might be their favorite color.
    Using the holes, thread the yarn through the holes in different directions. Cut the thread on the underside and tie it
  2. Card Jackson Pollock
    Take a thick sheet of paper and fold it as desired.
    Take one side of the pleats or both.
    Dip the brush into the acrylic colors and tap the brush so that it creates drops.
    Use different colors to make it bright and fun.
    Don’t forget to put a newspaper underneath to avoid doing damage.
    Once it’s completely dry, you can write a message on the other side.
  3. flower accordion
    Take a chart paper and fold it in 3 or 4 directions.
    Draw a flower or a heart using a pencil.
    Trace the cut lines with a pair of scissors.
    When you open it, you have the shape you drew together.
    Let your imagination run wild, stick photos, draw, write poetry or add confetti.
  4. Bracelet/Jewelry Card
    To card draw a hand, you can even draw it.
    On the wrist, drill 2 holes the size of the bracelet.
    Pass your bracelet through these holes, but do not forget to close it.
    Don’t forget to write a heartfelt message inside.
    You can do the same with necklaces or earrings!

Mika R. Pyle