Quick Diwali Greeting Cards You Can Easily Make at Home

Desis across the globe are gearing up for the Diwali festive season. With only a few days left until the festival, people have already started with “Diwali ki safai” and placed orders for sweets.

Another important part of Diwali is cards and decorations. While many people depend on store-bought greeting cards, lamps, and lanterns, there are a few who enjoy getting creative and getting their hands dirty.

Besides providing an opportunity to show off your ingenuity and originality, making greeting cards and other decorations at home brings families together as it’s a great bonding experience. Here are some easy DIY diwali greeting card ideas that you can try at home with your loved ones:

Keep your construction paper, glue stick, scissors and colored pens handy!

The scroll map

Making a Diwali scroll card does not involve much time or effort. Children can easily make them without adult supervision and guidance. Certain colors, glitter and paints will enhance the appearance of the card.

paper folding map

Making this card involves some paper folding techniques. This requires a certain amount of creativity. Add papers of different colors to make it more dynamic.

The pop-up card

The pop-up card requires a certain amount of work. Follow the instructions carefully and you will be surprised to see the result.

I hope you try these cards at home. Have an amazing and enlightened Diwali with your loved ones. Advance Diwali wishes to all of you!

Mika R. Pyle