Zwipe partners with Mexico-based card maker for biometric payments

Zwipe has another addition to its growing global network of strategic partners on biometric payment cards.

Founded in 1991, Forzacard is based in Mexico City and is a card manufacturer certified by Mastercard, Visa and Carnet. Owned by Forzaform Group, the company serves both Central and North America and claims to ship more than 25 million payment cards per year.

The deal with Zwipe means Forzacard will soon be able to add biometric payment cards to its offerings, a move the company’s management sees as an important strategic move.

“Partnering with Zwipe to develop the next-generation contactless experience strongly aligns with our mission of continuous innovation,” explained Forzaform President Mauricio Benavides. “Integrating Zwipe Pay ONE into our smart card program will be key to competing and securing future business in this growing segment.”

The partnership demonstrates Zwipe’s growing international reach in terms of its network of strategic partners, with the company announcing a partnership with GEPCOM in Saudi Arabia and a pilot program with Masria Digital Payments in Egypt late last year. Zwipe has attracted many partners in anticipation of the boom in biometric payment cards thanks to Zwipe Pay ONE, its flagship card platform offer.

This momentum has helped persuade Zwipe CEO André Løvestam that the company is on the verge of a commercial breakthrough, as he explained in a year-end letter to stakeholders last month. Now, the Forzacard partnership further adds to its case.

“Mexico is leading the way in the adoption of biometric payment cards in Central and North America,” Løvestam said. “Partnering with Forzacard in Mexico will allow us to meet strong and growing demand for biometric payment cards from banks and payment service providers in this region.”

Mika R. Pyle